I tried once to write you a poem.
But the words weren't enough to explain all my feelings.
So i tried a letter.
But my feelings didn't show more than the tears who ruined the inc.
I tried to say it out loud.
But i weren't strong enough and started to cry in the bathroom instead.
So i've been talking to others.
But now i'm starting to wonder why that would help you understand.
I'm thinking alot about how to make you see what you're doing wrong.
And yet i'm thinking that it isn't my burdon to make you realize.
So instead i haven't been talking to you at all.
And at some point that made me grew as a person.
It made me feel good not talking to you.
Now i'm pretty okay.
I'm stronger.
So now i wonder if it's a bad choice for me to be with you this summer?
If i will feel worse by once again see your faults in small steps?
Right now I don't care.
Oh how much pain missing someone can cause..

Fyfan vad jag börjar sakna dig. Jag kanske verkar äldre, men jag är fortfarande bara 15 år. Jag behöver dig.


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