Morgonstund har... ja inte fan är det guld i mund iaf.

Made it through the night without sleeping. It's soon 6pm. Just watched Jennifer's Body and i thought that it was quite awesome. I think mum's worried about me now. She came in cus she heard that i was awake, and asked if i had slept or not. I told the truth, that i haven't, not even for 5 seconds. She asked if i was going to the dentist later today, i answered that i will, then she said that i had to sleep. I didn't answer to that. Then she asked if i was going to sleep later, and i said that i won't, and i didn't care if i should or not, i'm awake, and i will stay awake. Before that last thing, i had closed the door to my room, and now i feel totally weird.. and like.. don't know, but it's not a good feeling. My little red spot is back in the eye. How cute isn't that? Not much, really, not much..
I bet you're wondering why this post is on english? Well, i have no clue. I just was on that mood.

My sister's are missed.
Holy crap how i miss them..
I'd live at their places if i could.
That would be a dream.


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